Conditionally show tabs in app based on user attributes

ellibot Contributor

It would be amazing to be able to show certain tabs based on the role/custom attributes of the user viewing the app!

Example: Sales manager sees an additional tab for team performance. Individual reps aren't able to view that tab.

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Thanks for sharing this feedback. We'll talk about it with our team and look at potential options for more access based control over tabs and pages.


  • david_cunningham

    Love this idea @ellibot !

    David Cunningham

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @ellibot do you see this being implemented similarly to pdp ? (i do! ;)

    I think we talked with Ben Schein about how while Attribute Based Control helps control actions (departmental admins), it's not the silver bullet to personalization, b/c ABAC addresses which actions a user can take (which impacts developers and admins the most) whereas what i can SEE is more of an end-user experience thig.

    Jae Wilson
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