DOMO PPT-Add In: Summary Number be Imported as PPT Text Box

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In the current PPT Plug-in, you can import a card (i.e. chart) and it will also import the summary number (when available) as a text box in PPT. We love this functionality because it allows us to edit the font, size and color of the text.

In the new PPT Add-in, if you load in the summary number, it is not an individual ppt object (text field separate from the card itself) that can be moved around within the ppt. It is instead defaulted to the upper left portion of the card as part of a static image

In the new PPT Add-in, if we want to use these summary numbers, we will have to load them as a card with transparent background and resize the entire card as it is now a static image of text. We cannot manually edit the font style or size since it is a static image card

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  • cadellfalconer
    cadellfalconer Domo Product Manager

    @kierenp - Loving all your feedback and ideas on our community, please keep them coming! :-)

    This one is another good call out. I'm going to add this one into our backlog. Assuming there are not feasibility issues on this I'll try to get it scheduled for the mid-term. (The new addins use the new office APIs, while the old addins use the old method of integration - and there are differences between what MS make available for us to use).

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