Indicate in the UI when a dataset ID is being used in an API or writeback EXPORT

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Simple idea with a profound impact.
Indicate in the datacenter/dataset UI that a specific dataset is being used in an API or writeback EXPORT

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  • trafalger

    I think you could do that in the metadata, if writeback connectors appear in the dataflow tables.

  • cadellfalconer
    cadellfalconer Domo Product Manager

    This is a great idea. I can see why that would be important, as you may not know if a script is using that dataset for an important process and you might accidentally delete a connector or something similar.
    Do you think you might be able to share a bit of info on how you'd see the user experience for this be?
    How would you see this working from a "liveness" standpoint? What if you accessed the dataset from an API 2 weeks ago, or 6 months ago, when would you see something as being "actively being used" by a script you might have written?

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