Variable Manager (Similar to Beast Mode Manager)

swagner Contributor
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Starting to use some variables in our instance, and I want to make sure I have a good way to review/manage them as they are created/changed. I checked in the Beast Mode Manager thinking that would be the most logical place to find them, but unless I'm missing it I don't see a way to filter to them (tried searching by name as well). I installed the DomoStats Variables, and Variables Used in Beast Modes datasets, but again don't see a way to track them down.

Need something in Domo, similar to Beast Mode Manager or added there with filter capability to get to just the Variables.

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  • MdeLeon

    Completely agree that having a way to manage variables would be helpful, @swagner. Expanding Beast Mode Manager to include variables would be a great way to do it since variables require beast modes to function in cards and dashboards.

  • Stefano

    Yes! I second that. Please enhance beast mode manager to also be able to manage variables.

  • danielko11

    I am experiencing same struggles as @swagner. as per Maria's suggestion Expanding Beast Mode Manager to include variables would be most logical way to go about it

  • pk1111
    pk1111 Member

    This is a great idea! I would also love to manage variables from beast mode manager.

  • Matt Tannyhill
    Matt Tannyhill Domo Product Manager

    Great feedback, this is something we're considering for the future! Thanks!

    Matt Tannyhill

    Domo – Product Manager

    Data Analysis & Visualization

  • MdeLeon

    This + nested beast modes will be amazing.