Remove Inherited Color Rules from Drill

MichelleH Coach
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Currently any color rules applied to a card are also applied to its drill views. This can be helpful when the drill view uses a similar chart type to the original card, but can be confusing to data consumers if the same field is used in a different way in the drill. It would be nice to be able to remove inherited color rules to allow more control over how the drill appears

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Good suggestion. We have added this to the backlog and hope to get to it soon. Thanks for the idea sharing.


  • LAFligg
    LAFligg Contributor

    It is especially hard on the eyes when a chart card with color rules drills down to a table where colors are applied to all the rows. My work-around is to write a beast mode to rename the impacted fields. As a result, I have a lot of "no color" beast modes across my datasets whose sole purpose is to make drilling down to a table card visually pleasing.

  • Edgar_Movius

    I completely agree and fully supportive of this. For example I have a bar chart card with say 3-4 series of different colour rules being applied, but our drill down is a table card which can be hundreds and thousands of rows, but the inherit colour rules means when it is drilled down, the colours applied to each rows of the table which is way to much on the eyes.

    I will give the below recommendation a try.

  • ST_-Superman-_

    Another option for drilling down to charts might be to have the default behavior of the color rule only apply to the single column and not the entire row.

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  • NDoyle

    Truly shocking that this needs an enhancement. If my chart drills down to a table (which is a pared down summary of the "raw" dataset, for easier consumption), why would I want all of my rows to be blue, for example?