Governance: Control order of subpages for users (outside of company pages)


I often build subpages that have a set of prefiltered reports -- usually for specific cities where we do business.

I build the pages in the order the data shows up. So if Salt Lake City data comes in before Atlanta, the Salt Lake subpage is set up and shared first.

This can cause the pages to appear for my users in the order they are CREATED - but I would prefer Alphabetical order.

I often end up removing all the subpages from under the parent page, and adding them back in one by one so they are alpha. This is a huge pain.

It would be ideal if I could control the sub-page order for other users for pages OUTSIDE OF the Company Page admin. That section of Admin allows me to control an order, but if a page structure is not a Company Page I have less control.

Maybe I'm missing something! But if not - please consider developing Admin-level controls for the order of subpages when the pages are not within Company Pages. I know users can simply search for the content they want, but it looks so sloppy to have subpages in a haphazard order.

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @RobynLinden for your use case

    1. i would not necessarily care what order the dashboards were created, I just need to be able to set a default order for all users
    2. having the ability to set the default order to alphabetical (or anything else) would be nice, but bullet 1 is most important IMHO.

    I would separate this need from the obvious (and my recommendation in slack ;) to use Filter Groups, b/c there are use cases where filter groups won't solve the problem. Came up in my instance where we had a ton of UAT and DEV and PROD dashboards that my QA team are interacting with, but it'd be nice to be able to sort them.

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