Export to Excel

This question is similar to Table Card export in that it is about exporting to Excel.  I am trying to export a dataset / column as a hyperlink.  In Excel, that could be a formula: =HYPERLINK(...  The issue I'm having is that the export ALWAYS seems to prepend an apostrophe onto the formula, just before the equal sign.  


Any ideas on how to get around that?  I know that I am not putting it there; my dataflow includes a SQL step that builds the formula:

'=HYPERLINK("https://emc.my.salesforce.com/' || "opp_id" || '", "' || "opp_nm" || '")' AS "Opportunity LINK"

but the single quotes are needed for the concatenation.  The export does it both as Excel export and .CSV export.  Weird.  




    Could you give an example of what the value looks like before you export it?

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