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Is there a way to display the latest dataset refresh date/time stamp when viewing card or while running slide show?


  • guitarhero23

    When viewing a card you could see it at the bottom of the page. In a slideshow I'm not sure. The column that has that is Domo's default _BATCH_LAST_RUN_ but you can't use it as a summary number. I'm assuming you're talking about a publication when you saw slideshow so in that case I don't have a slick answer for you


    Domo Update 1.JPG

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  • user00667

    guitarhero23 ,


    Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I am referring to charts (not table cards where I can add _BATCH_LAST_RUN as a column).  I understand you can’t display it as a summary number (just like you can’t display calculated fields, which would be a convenient way to do this).  Thanks for confirming.  Appreciate it.   Maybe Domo can take this as a suggestion and allow calculated fields to be displayed in the summary. 

  • cwolman
    cwolman Contributor


    Assuming you have the timestamp in your data you can put it in the summary number through use of the concat() function in a beast mode.  Screenshot above.  One thing to note is that you lose all formatting using the concat() function so you will see additional functions to format the numeric value with a comma.


    Beastmode function below.


    when sum(`daily_admissions`)>99999 then concat(left(sum(`daily_admissions`),3),',',right(sum(`daily_admissions`),length(sum(`daily_admissions`))-3),' Skier Visits<br><div style=''font-size:12px''>Last Updated: ',DATE_FORMAT(max(`lastupdated`), '%m/%d/%y %h:%i %p'),'</div>')
    when sum(`daily_admissions`)>9999 then concat(left(sum(`daily_admissions`),2),',',right(sum(`daily_admissions`),length(sum(`daily_admissions`))-2),' Skier Visits<br><div style=''font-size:12px''>Last Updated: ',DATE_FORMAT(max(`lastupdated`), '%m/%d/%y %h:%i %p'),'</div>')
    when sum(`daily_admissions`)>999 then concat(left(sum(`daily_admissions`),1),',',right(sum(`daily_admissions`),length(sum(`daily_admissions`))-1),' Skier Visits<br><div style=''font-size:12px''>Last Updated: ',DATE_FORMAT(max(`lastupdated`), '%m/%d/%y %h:%i %p'),'</div>')
    else concat(sum(`daily_admissions`),' Skier Visits <br><div style=''font-size:12px''>Last Updated: ',DATE_FORMAT(max(`lastupdated`), '%m/%d/%y %h:%i %p'),'</div>')

  • user00667

    Thanks!  Appreciate the suggestion.  

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