Explicit export permissions on Domo datasets


The primary goal of this feature is to provide organizations with the ability to control export permissions at the dataset level, ensuring that only specific datasets deemed necessary for export can be exported by users. This granular level of control will help maintain the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data while allowing for the seamless sharing of non-sensitive information.

Implementing Explicit Export Permissions on Domo Datasets is a crucial step towards safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring that data is managed in a compliant and secure manner. This feature will provide organizations with the necessary tools to maintain control over their data, enhance security, and promote operational efficiency.

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  • Ashleigh

    This would be super useful! Right now we have to restrict who all can export for this reason but it would be easier if we could just set a dataset to have individual export options. Sort of like PDPs it would be cool to say only these users are allowed to export this dataset regardless of role.

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  • DomoDork
    DomoDork Contributor

    I would also include an option on a per dataset basis to hide the data tab in Analyzer. We have a scenario right now where we want people to be able to create cards on an underlying dataset but not allow them to see underlying raw data (regardless of PDP) but permissions aren't granular enough. To get around this at the moment, we're embedding the dashboard from another instance via embed but it would be nice to have this ability to lock away data exploration on specific datasets for all users except the owner/admin regardless of role grants.