Control Chart Type via Beast Mode


With the recent enhancement around beast modes that allows a beast mode within a beast mode it has become easier than ever to utilize variables to control x-axis, y-axis, sorting, filtering, etc. through beast modes. With that limitation out of the way I believe the next logical enhancement would be to add a Chart Type section below Sorting in Analyzer that allows users to add a single beast mode tile that they could use to switch the Chart Type of the card based on certain conditions. Domo could have hard coded names for the various Chart Types that could be referenced in the code of the beast mode. The primary end goal of this enhancement would be to allow the chart type to adapt to the data that the end user is selecting via text based variable controls.

Say I have 4 different metrics that I want the user to be able to choose from via the variable control. Things like Sales Attainment, Pipe Generation Attainment, Conversion Rate and Average Sales Price. Those metrics may not all make sense when applied to the same chart type so the ability to control chart type via beast mode would allow me to consolidate the reporting around those metrics further into a smaller number of cards.

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  • DavidChurchman

    Yes, I love this. Even doing something like switching between different types of bar charts based on variables would be great. Some variables might be better as 100% bars, others as grouped and others as stacked.

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