Editor Access to Share Filter Views (Without having access to manage or delete cards/pages)


Background: People want to create filter views and then share them with other people. Unless you are an admin or have the grant of "Manage all cards and pages" (which is a security liability) then they can't share it.

As part of our data security measures, we only allow our Admins the privilege to own pages and manage cards. We want to be sure our users do not delete cards, pages, or the underlying data. With this being said, we would like to be able to grant Editors the ability to share filter views.

Request: Create a grant that allows users the ability to share filter views, without giving them all the additional privileges of the 'Manage all cards and pages' grant.

  1. The ability to share your filter views with everyone despite the page being locked if you have a high enough role (such as editor). Because sharing a filter view shouldn't be stopped when the page is locked
  2. The ability to not only share the filter view with everyone but ONLY specific people/groups

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  • TylerP
    TylerP Member

    This is causing major headaches in my organization. Normal users being able to share filter views with specific groups or other users would be a really big deal. The issue with granting it as an editor/admin right now is significant.