Magic ETL Checklist Enhancement Idea



It would be helpful if we had the option to add items to the Magic ETL Checklist. This would allow for each organization to be able to make sure everyone is designing their ETLs per their procedure/guidelines.

For example, if we are requiring the designers to 'label' all tiles, then we could add a checklist item; 'Label tiles accordingly'

Also, if there was a way for these additional checklist items to be checked off by the user, that would be great!

The checklist is great to have, but if we had the ability to add to the list, it would help when we have newer folks design and follow procedure/guidelines.

In addition to having 'checklist' items, could we also use this section for like 'hint' items or extra items we want to always show. For Example, how we are labeling the DataFlow/DataSet.

This is the current Magic ETL Checklist we are seeing now, for reference:

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