Disable Views SQL Editor when it's been enabled


The SQL Editor in Views has proven to be invaluable when trying to fix other people's broken views. However, once the underlying SQL has been fixed I would like the ability to switch the view back to it's normal look and feel: most of my users don't know SQL and get freaked out when they see that big black box with the wall of text. If it's not possible to do this after editing the SQL script, either make it immediately undo-able if no changes have been made, or give me the ability to hide the button from selected roles.

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  • BenSchein
    BenSchein Domo Product Manager

    it was one of the trade offs we made to get the SQL view working. That once you went off the GUI it would stay sql. Interesting idea about restricting users. I get the challenge you see. @Matt Tannyhill may be interesting to explore.