Dynamic (Contextual) Annotations

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Annotations are extremely useful as a visual cue on cards to explain why calculations may differ on or following an event. Currently these annotations are generalized to the dataset/date.

Annotations could be further expanded to be row-level contextual, only visible when filter conditions are met.

Suppose Store A is holding a special event for 50% off all items on 04/09/2024. Store B is not participating in the event. It would be useful to create an annotation which would be visible when viewing Store A data, but not visible when viewing Store B.

Perhaps this could be sourced from a column in the dataset — Store A's Annotation column would contain '50% Off All Items' on the 04/09/2024 record; whereas Store B's Annotation column would be null for that day.

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  • JasonAltenburg

    This is an awesome idea, sort of like visible alerts providing context!