Reduce blank space in dashboards


Dashboards currently have extra space between cards on all sides, and text boxes have a minimum height, which leads to a large amount of blank space both vertically and horizontally. This is especially problematic when creating a dashboard that needs to be exported to PDF or PowerPoint.

Ideally, we need the ability to change the margins within cards and/or the padding between cards. If not, we need to have them reduced by at least 50%.

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New spacing, margin, border capabilities are available in App Studio, this is the preferred tool to use when needing these type of capabilities.


  • ArborRose

    Two solutions that don't really solve your issue but might help. Using column widths, you can set the amount of width for a column. This includes making some fake filler columns. The other way is to use html table with a setting for padding. When I was looking for border styles, I came across a post talking about removing borders. The solution showed an html table with html code for padding. I never tried it myself, but that might work.

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  • DavidChurchman

    100% agree the Domo style is very sparse. Even for dashboards that you're not planning to export to PPT or PDF, it's very difficult to create a page that doesn't require scrolling, where most dashboard guidelines recommend creating something that can fit on a single screen.

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