ability to control the colors in a Lat/long map for a series of values


There is a 'Series for Color' option available for Lat/long map cards, but setting the Symbol Color only allows the specification of one colour, not one colour per series value.

I would like to be able to control the colour of each series value in order to maintain visual alignment with the colours used on other cards - i.e. in a field containing values of 'new' and 'existing', I want all 'new' items to appear in one colour in my dashboard and all 'existing' items to appear in another colour. Currently I can only control the colour of the first series value, with a default colour assigned to the second.

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  • You can create multiple color rules, not just one. If you use a BeastMode to label your "New" and "Existing" values, use that for your "series for color", open up the color rules, you should be able to create a color rule for "New" and a color rule for "Existing". Alternatively, you can create a color rule for the whole series "always" and second color rule for "new" that overwrites the "always" when the series equals new.

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  • Jessica_Davies

    Thanks @DavidChurchman, the tip on using the Color Rules was exactly what I needed.