Flex Table Improved Customisation

Samuel. Contributor
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Hi all,

I've recently used a Flex Table and was shocked by the few available customisation options. Something as simple as changing my line's colour is seemingly impossible.

Improvements that feel essential:

  • Change Header Colour
  • Series Grouping/subtotals
  • Change Line Colour
  • Remove the Area under the line
  • Change Decimals/abbreviations of calculated value numbers
  • Additional Value Columns that aren't preset

I'm sure there are plenty more ideas from other users here. It would be great to see this captured below. This graph type could be compelling, but it feels incomplete as it stands.

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  • Yes! The Flex Table has potential to be the most useful card type, making big sparklines-style tables, but the options are so limited, I can't use it for anything.

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