Allow an opt-in feature for the "Other" bar's truncation


Currently, when you select a Maximum Bars value in a bar chart, an 'Other' bar appears and it often appears truncated as shown in this article:
It would be better to have the option of truncating it or not. Even better, show the break in the bar like this:

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  • j1ammann
    j1ammann Member
    edited September 2023

    Preventing truncation should be the default option! Upvoting this but I don't necessarily like the idea of adding a gap in the axis to indicate truncation as that can be misunderstood or misinterpreted in many ways. If I had data points as show in the example AND needed to show all of them in this same grouping, I might use a tree map instead of a bar chart.

    On stacked bar charts I've even seen entire categories hidden by truncation (see attached pic). How would a break in the Y-Axis handle a situation like this?

    Using "Example Sales Data" included in Domo Brick download from the Appstore