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I would love to see a more organized way to group datasets together and limit the number of datasets that are in view during a search. We have too many datasets with similar names and it gets difficult to find them sometimes unless you remember and search the full name.

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  • ArborRose

    I build "core" ETL datasets, that I then call within other ETLs.

    Many of our datasets come through API calls. I need to join labels to the identifiers for them to make more sense or to standardize name. Such as insurance company ids that we want to have common labels. So I will build out the base ETLs so they become reusable.

    If my dataset is part of a raw API call, I add something like "jsn" to the name. If the dataset is an ETL flow, I add "df" for data flow.

    I also use filter "tags" to identify groups to review. For example…all the scheduled API calls that run have a tag called "schedule". If I want to review those to make sure everything ran that day, I simply pull up the tag list for "schedule"

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  • trafalger

    I agree with @ArborRose, using tags and standardizing your dataset names can help with this.