Connect DomoStats Across Instances


Need the ability to get Domostats for multiple instances under the main instance. We use separate instances to keep our clients info separate from others while our company utilizes the main instance as storage of all information. The issue is keeping track of users login information and who is in these instances are not being tracked without having to log into each instance by an Admin to view the reports there. Being able to combine the data into one dataset so it can be tracked in one place would streamline the processes.

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Thanks for posting your great idea here! Observability Metrics, a tool in the Governance Toolkit, allows you to get DomoStats-type data from multiple Domo instances. Observability Metrics supports equivalents for many DomoStats reports. If you need a report that isn't already offered in Observability Metrics, please reach out to your Domo account team.


  • MarkSnodgrass

    I use the Dataset Copy Connector to copy the DomoStats datasets from my "child" instances to my "main" instance and then append them together in an ETL in my main instance. That might be a solution for you in the meantime.

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  • jbandley

    That is a great idea. Thank you

  • Kristefor

    I have not used the tool yet, but isn't this issue what Admin>Data Governance>Toolkit>Observability Metrics is used for?

  • Ashleigh

    @Kristefor yes Observability metrics is perfect for this. I just started using it and its great! @jbandley if you don't have Observability metrics you can ask your CSM to turn it on. Its located under the toolkit section of admin settings. Here is some info on how to use it:

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