bricks that can be edited by more than one user

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Currently DDX Bricks can only be edited by the creator of the "App"

This is by design, and can be found documented in the "Getting Started with Domo Bricks" article.

idea: make DDX bricks editable by all owners and admin, and allow the checkbox on card details to restrict access to non-owners.

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  • meerens

    yes please - it's such a pain not being able to collaborate on the same brick and having to default to making copies.

  • Resurrecting this, it seems bizarre that I can edit the AppDB collection containing the code, but have no ability to edit the code via the brick. Bricks need better permissioning.

  • DomoDork
    DomoDork Contributor

    I believe this is now in beta and part of the January 2024 release drop.