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We are using the Domo sandbox, so we have a sandbox instance and a production instance. In our production instance, all of our users are participants. We would like a user grant that would allow participant users to share pages that they own. This would give our users more ownership and control of their pages, and there would no longer be a bottleneck of our admins being the only ones who can share pages.

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  • DanBrinton
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    Hi, @user097682 - thanks for posting here! User privileges in Domo are governed by roles and grants. But, I assume the standard "Editor" role is too much privilege. It would be helpful to understand what privileges you want your users to have, and then we can compare that with the existing capabilities of grants. Sounds like you want these users to be able to view and share but not edit. And that should apply to pages (and cards, too, I assume?). Please do share any other ideas on this. And thanks again!