Glossary of Dashboards and Cards in the Instance

Casey_Dorman {Domo}
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Data discoverability seems to be a main topic with Domo product, and was recently echoed by Telus Communications during an onsite visit.

The request is not uncommon, especially among enterprise-level accounts with many dashboards, landing pages, content by departments/business units using Domo.

Essentially, customers would love to see a Glossary of Dashboards and Cards for users to reference and easily see what content (data, reports, metrics, dashboards, cards, etc.) exist, where they are located in the Domo instance, and who owns them.

This will not allow them to avoid duplicating efforts by creating or bringing in more content that already exists, but will also help them understand the full scope of what Domo can do and who is using it for what specific purposes across any given instance.

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  • ColemenWilson
    edited July 2023

    This is possible and something we have implemented. Using Domostats and Domogov datasets you can create tables that show all the card, pages, datasets, etc… in the instance with the relevant descriptions, update schedules, owners, etc… For example, here is our dataset glossary:

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  • JasonAltenburg

    @colemenwilson While I understand the idea of "We have provided you the tools, lumber, and plans, now build your own house" I think what @Casey_Dorman {Domo} is expressing here is the idea of a built in and complete solution that transfers from Instance to Instance, rather than a DIY / built in set of tools in a particular instance.

    I think there would be a huge advantage to Domo, their partners, and their customers, to have a solution around data discovery and observability that is useful, thoughtful, and consistent.