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It would be very useful if, when executing a Domo ETL, a log file was generated to see the details of potential failures in the process. Currently, if there is a failure in any of the Domo's own boxes, you see that the process has been interrupted in a part of the process but we don't see the details. Also, if the process fails on a python/R box, you don't have the detail of the error. It would be ideal to a log in which each error detected in the process is explained in detail.

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    Hi, have you tried clicking on the row in the DataFlow details history page to see the detailed information for a failed execution? For scripting tiles, there should be a link there to see the stdout and stderr streams from the Python or R script.

    Other errors in standard Domo tiles should also be visible. If there are examples where you feel we could improve detail on any errors for those tiles, please let us know. We’re always looking for how to close this gap and having examples called out always helps there.