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Can we add an option to split a column by the number of characters in the field? I.e. split column by number of characters as far left or as far right. This is a very useful feature in PBI Power Query Editor especially when you have strange date formats like 1231201 or concatenated fields with an order number of a specific length followed by a name 000001Jones.

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  • ColemenWilson

    Hi Dustin,

    You could use the split columns tile in magic etl and use the REGEX option with (?<=.{4}).+ as shown in the screenshots below, just change the 4 to be whatever number of characters you want to split on:

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  • Vinay_Jain_

    Hi @colemenwilson, Thanks for your comment. It pretty much solves the OP's problem. Can you provide any concise documentation to learn how to create Regex queries for general queries in domo?