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To keep consistency with how data is presented across multiple dashboards, you'll either need to have a template of each card you want to use with the customization you want to use by default, or be sure to manually recall what you want each one to look like.

Would be great if by card type, we could customize some of the defaults company wise. Some examples that could come in handy are:

  • Show totals/subtotal rows at the before with a specific format.
  • Hide Min/Max and Calculated lines on Bar charts.
  • Hide/Show total column on Pivot Tables.
  • Defaulting the legend position/visibility.

Many of these options are set to Default when creating the cards, which makes reference to a Domo default we cannot change, would be great to have this be a Company Default instead. This also would come in really handy if in the future the company decides to change how they display things, as it'd cascade down without having to manually update all cards if left to use the default configuration.

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  • MichelleH

    I'd also love to add default number and date formats