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I was glad to see Mac OS included in the new MS Office365 Add-in, and more integration. After tinkering with the Powerpoint and Word add-in for a few hours, I've found a few things that are key but missing compared to the legacy Powerpoint plugin:

  • Tile layout - the ability to completely customize the way tiles populated a slide / slides
  • The ability to control the size of the tile was particularly necessary - in the new add-in, the tiles default to what appears to be a standard ppt slide size.
  • Any attempt to resize makes illegible results.
  • Document level filters selected from a dashboard
  • Ability to refresh the page and select a new filter from a dashboard to apply at the document level

A lot of our stakeholders prefer decks over dashboards and the ability to layout the data how you wanted within a branded template and then refresh it is so helpful for reports like QBRs.

Using the new plugin (this time on Mac) - that functionality appears to have been removed and you have to import cards one by one, or, if you import a whole dashboard, it puts each tile on a separate slide which just isn't useful at all in my case.

Once you have the cards, I haven't figured out how to just refresh them. This old functionality was handy to select new filters for different versions of the deck.

Am I missing something? Is this just a limitation of the Mac version? Or are there planned enhancements? I'm always excited for better integrations but this one sets us back quite a bit if they discontinue the "legacy" plugin and don't bring over some of those features.

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