Add jump points to ETLs to clean up cluttered ETLs

jimsteph Contributor
edited August 2023 in Magic ETL Ideas

When I create an ETL I do my best to make sure that all logical paths are kept together and that paths from one tile to another don't cross other paths if possible. Sometimes, however, I can't help but end up with a rat's nest of paths that clutter up the ETL and make it hard to follow. I would like to request jump points (can't think of a better term): instead of directly connecting two far-flung tiles, have a short run from the source that terminates in a small circled number (or something similar), then put that same circled number next to the receiving tile and connect it. Any two or more jump points with the same number would act as if they were directly connected, as if you had used a portal gun or a Stargate (but without running into Goa'uld).

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  • tracy_gamlin

    upvoted for a good idea but also the Stargate reference lol

  • marcel_luthi

    I cannot agree more, I have some ETLs that are practically impossible to follow visually.