Update Date Selector "Chart Type" to Match Global Date Range Selector

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<Please direct me to an existing feature request if exists, the closest I could fine was a 'need help' linked below>

We are currently using Domo Everyone embed and are limited with our date filter options.

The current date selector is clunky and limited. I have to use a ton of dashboard space to get it to look just OK. The font sizes and layout just look inconsistent with our other (dropdown) filters.

So I will suggest that there could be a date selector - or even a date selector 'mode' in addition to 'presets' and 'calendar' that matches the global filter exactly. Just a large dropdown with lots of options. See screenshot here:

Note: The workaround suggested by other users on similar request to use a text variable and a radio button control with custom presets is sub-optimal as well. This just creates another large card if you populate anything past 3-4 preset options. Not to mention all the complicated calculated fields/ beast modes needed.

This request is very similar to this 'need help' post:

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