Option to delay sending new user invitation email to allow admin to finish user setup

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When we set up a new Domo user, it immediately sends them an email invite to set their password and login. At the same time, after creating the user we have to add them to the appropriate group(s) for page access, and configure their PDP rules and run the custom script to apply PDP to their account. This process takes 5-10 minutes.

This often causes confusion when a new user logs in immediately upon receiving the invite and before the setup process is finished, as upon logging in they see the "private dataset" message on all of the cards. Then they click "request access" and send emails about not being able to see any data.

I've started to preemptively send new users an email letting them know to wait a few minutes after receiving the invite, but it would be nice if there were an option to delay the sending of the email invitation for 10-20 minutes when we add a new user.

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    I also have a use case in which users need to receive alerts from Domo but should not actually be able to log into Domo. I'd like to have the option to not send the email at all in that case.

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