Enhanced Admin Screens for Card Governance / Managements

buzz_boom Contributor
edited August 2023 in Governance & Security Ideas

It would be helpful if it was possible to add additional fields to the interface on the Cards Management Content Admin Screeens in Domo to allow for filtering and bulk editing.

By default, the cards admin screens will show the card name, the owner, the dashboards where it lives, the card type, and when it was last edited. By clicking on the card additional information is available, such as when the card was last viewed, the dataset that powers the cards, when the data was last updated, and the groups / people that have access to the card. This information (along with the unique CARD_ID) would be incredibly helpful if available in the main screen so governance admins can filter on these columns to perform their jobs.

For example, we currently utilize Domo Stats datasets to identify the cards that need to be reviewed, retired, deleted, or consolidated. The datasets work great for delivering insights, but in order to actually exeute the task we need to go into the Admin Card Page and then delete the cards 1 by 1, and without the unqiue card_id field it is prone to error. It would be great if we could bring the same information available from the Domo Stats into the environment where we manage the content so we clean it up there.

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