Allow Window Functions in MagicETL Formula Tile

MichelleH Coach
edited August 2023 in Magic ETL Ideas

It would be helpful to be able to write MagicETL formulas using window functions, similar to in beast mode. While the Rank & Window tile is often sufficient, there are some use cases where having this feature in the Formula tile would simplify the dataflow steps:

  • Using a sum window function with unbounded rows
    • This does not work consistently in the Rank & Window tile
  • Creating multiple window functions with different partitions
    • Users currently have to create a separate tile for each partition criteria, whereas it would be nice to contain these functions within a single tile
  • Adding a case statement within the aggregation
    • In current state this requires adding a calculated field in a forumla tile, then using it in a subsequent Rank & Window tile. It would be simpler to do it all at once in the original formula tile

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