Beast Mode Calculation

Hello - I'm trying to calculate a Beast Mode so that it only shows the stats for completions if the date is not greater than today. After checking out some questions and responses in the community I tried the below, but it doesn't work πŸ˜• Clearly I'm doing something wrong and would appreciate some guidance.

CASE WHEN `Completion Date`>= CURRENTDATE() AND MONTH`Completion Date` = MONTH(CURRENTDATE()) THEN 'Include' ELSE 'Exclude' END

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  • @Marcy It looks like you were using a greater than operator instead of less than. In that case you wouldn't need the month condition. Here is what it would look like:

    case when `Completetion Date` <= CURRENTDATE() then 'Include' else 'Exclude' end
  • @MichelleH - Thank you for the quick response. When I click to validate the translation it throws up a calculation error, This calculation is using a nonexistent function.

  • MichelleH
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    @Marcy Try using CUR_DATE() instead of CURRENTDATE()

  • Marcy
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    @MichelleH - it worked a treat, many thanks.