When uploading a custom chart an option to turn off the colour override

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When using the custom chart feature and uploading a new visual to be used, a checkbox to turn off overriding colour would allow for so many more use cases of this feature.

If we could create/upload an SVG file ourselves, in the same process, but upload it with the shape colours we want by simply having a checkbox during the upload process. Users could then use the object_IDs associated to the vectors, as standard, apply a data label as normal, without DOMO overriding the colour of the vectors in the graphic to the standard heatmap proceedure that is used in the current process.

E.g. Instead of heatmapping US states against their value, having the states visual being pre-filled with red/blue to represent which way they voted in the last presidential election and then being able to data label the value over the top to display the majority without the closer races showing as the middle of the two colours (white).

It would be even better if we could have an option in card to do this dynamically too so we could drop in a case statement to state explicitly what colour each vector ID should be.

e.g. Case when majority R then Red, case when Majority D then Blue. in laymans

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