Set the default value of date type Variable to current date or today's date

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A date type variable needs to have a functionality where the default value can be set to today's date

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  • susanai
    susanai Member

    Would appreciate if this function is available

  • I would also urge an enhancement be made to the date variable. Currently we are forced to hardcode a date as the default value and resort to manually updating it to keep it relevant. It should / can be so much smarter.

  • This functionality is definitely needed. Other BI systems like Birst already have it and it can be programed in various ways.

  • dp4ge
    dp4ge Member

    Yes please 🤞

  • Any updates on this? This is sorely needed!

  • Thanks everyone for the feedback. This is definitely something we're discussing and are looking to add in the future. No ETA at the moment but this is on the list of features to add!