Present Domo Login Page after Unsuccessful Authentication from IdP/SSO


The Domo Article "Understanding and Configuring Domo SSO using SAML" states that "If "Skip to identity provider" is selected, the DSO users will need to use the URL : https://<subdomain> in order to login with their DSO credentials" . However, if Mixed mode of Login is already implemented with majority of SSO users, if auto login using SSO is to be implemented seamlessly by enabling 'Skip to IdP' then it is difficult to intimate all DSO users of such a change and asking them to use manual login url.

Instead of giving such an intimation to all DSO users, if the fall back url for all unsuccessful SSO logins can be made as Domo Login Page with both options of SSO/DSO or the above mentioned manual Login Page, it would facilitate not only seamless transition but also reduce the need of saving multiple urls by users. Users should just remember their instance url.

While it is just a matter of change of fallback url in case of unsuccessful authentication from IdP (in both cases of SAML or OIDC) to Domo Login Page, it gives huge flexibility to Admins to implement different combinations or migrate from one to other posture.

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