PDP for Admins

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PDP is a critical security feature that prevents unauthorized non-admin users from accessing sensitive datasets. A secondary benefit to PDP however is that it is a great way to curate a dashboard so the user sees a pre-filtered view of only the data that is relevant to them, even if they are authorized to see all of the data in the dataset.

This secondary benefit does not apply to admin users who, by default, have access to all of the rows in the dataset regardless of PDP policy. In order to give admin users a similar curated experience, it would be great if there was an option on a dataset to expand the PDP to all users regardless if they are an admin or not. This is not intended to be a security feature because it of course could be modified by an admin user. The intent is to allow the dataset to be used to curate the data for admin users just as it does for non-admins.

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