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Currently, the scheduling capability with respect to Connectors is based solely upon UTC (see first screenshot below).

The scheduling capability available with respect to Magic ETL 2.0, however, provides the user flexibility to specify timezone (see second screenshot below).

Can the scheduling capability with respect to Connectors be enhanced to mirror the scheduling capability in Magic ETL 2.0?

From a UX standpoint, the scheduling experience across the platform should be consistent.

Connector Scheduling:

Magic ETL 2.0 Scheduling:

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This functionality is scheduled to be released by August 2024.


  • dcapslock

    Yes please. At the moment I need to explain why there is a 2 hour window for nightly updates as my datasets change an hour due to this issue, so I have to schedule the dataflow based on summer time running of datasets.

  • chelsea_ringl

    Having the ability to schedule connectors to run in local time would also allow more flexibility with weekday vs. weekend scheduling.

    I have a connector that I would like to run hourly Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 11 PM EST. Instead, the connector starts running Sunday at 7 PM EST and stops running Friday at 7 PM EST because the day of the week has changed in UTC.

    I've confirmed with the Engineering team via Domo Support that everything is working correctly, and this is a limitation of the current scheduling options.

    This problem could also be solved if we had the ability to set different active hours for different days of the week, like we can with Magic ETL 2.0.

  • Sam_Donabedian

    Thank you @domo, very happy to see that this is moving forward.