Dashboard & Card Date Range Filter Reflecting Local Time

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I would like the option to configure the Date Filter on dashboards and cards to reflect local time without having to change the company time zone setting. The goal is for options like 'Today' in the dashboard or card filter to reflect the device's local time without all of the additional effects of changing the company time zone (i.e. shifting the data in visualizations). 

Currently, the dashboard and card date filters are tied with the instance's Company Time Zone. So, if your instance is set to UTC and you are in Central Daylight Time zone, when you select 'Today' at 7pm on 11/01/2022 in the dashboard date filter, the instance will filter all of the cards to 11/02/2022. 

The issue with using the company time zone to address this problem is that this issue still persists when you have users in multiple time zones and that the data shifts in the visualizations to that specific time zone while the raw data remains in the loaded time zone. This causes several issues when dealing with data from multiple time zones and severely affects the use of exporting the data and makes the platform less user friendly (especially when a large majority of reporting revolves around datetimestamps). For example, if you export a table that lists various datetimestamps when your instance is not in UTC, the values that are exported will not match the table you were viewing in Domo. If a user loads a spreadsheet into Domo with timestamps and makes a report, the visualization may not match what their raw data showed, leading to honest mistakes or confusion. 

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