Legend in card Display Settings when Editing Dashboard

Legend should be one of the "Display settings" when editing a page. Ideally you could switch from side to top to bottom, but even just being able to turn it on/off without going into analyzer would be nice.

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  • Agree! In some cases I only want to legend to show when the card is in full view but not when it is on a dashboard.

  • I would add that I think it would be nice if cards built off the same dataset could "share" a legend on a given dashboard. Meaning that, if it is on the same dataset, the dashboard would assign colors to a given series and that color would stay uniform across the dashboard without requiring me to set up color rules. For example, I don't really care what color the North-East region is, but it would be nice if all of my charts on a dashboard would know to make it the same color. Maybe that is just me being lazy though and not wanting to write out color rules manually for everything...

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  • @ST_-Superman-_ Setting 'color rules' doesn't bother me* but being able to format or position the legend of multiple graphs independently would be nice. Like have a legend spanning across multiple cards.

    * I would like more flexibility, like being able to re-order them, or color one variable based on the values of another variable