Eliminating Null Values in Slicer Card Type

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I have a dataset which is currently duplicated except in one column (Delivered Price) 1/2 of the dataset is displayed in USD and in the other 1/2 of the dataset that same column (Delivered Price) is displayed in CAD.

For users of my dashboard, I want to provide a option to view the underlying data in either CAD or USD, but not both at the same time. Currently, when I create a Slicer card type with two underlying options (CAD & USD), when a user first accesses the page, Null is selected on this card type (which causes all of the underlying information to be incorrectly duplicated). I would like to predefine the initial selection on this slicer for all users encountering this dashboard while still allowing users to toggle between these 2 (and perhaps more in the future) options. Also, I would like to eliminate having Null selected as an option in this fulter.

Tldr; I want a Slicer card where users can select CAD OR USD but not both and not nothing. This is an enhancement request and I have many use cases for this request.

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  • You should be ale to eliminate the null option with a card level filter.

    For single-selection, I think you want the radio-button, not the slicer.

    For default filter, I am not certain, but I think if you add what you want the default to be to the default filter view, and then users should be able to use the radio to switch between the two using your control card.

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  • Ashleigh

    @mschallman First I recommend you fix your nulls rather than just filtering them out. Anytime I have nulls in a filter I always either go to the dataflow and add a formula tile for ifnull(column, 'Blank'. This will allow you to check out what those nulls are and make sure they should not be tagged as USD or CAD. From there you can default 'Blank' out of your filter.

    Second, for a slicer, you can choose the single select option under the general settings. This will force your users to only have one option selected.

    For the predefined selection, I recommend you use Filter Views. This will allow you to select an option, say USD, save that as a Filter View and mark that as the fault for every user. Then if they need to switch to a different currency they can.

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  • @mschallman - I agree with @Ashleigh . I think the best approach here is to use "filter views" to predefine the default view for your users (globally) and then allow them to change if they wish to. You would likely also want to utilize the smart text feature in your card titles so that they properly display CAD or USD where appropriate.

    Applying Page-Level Filters with Filter Views – Domo

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  • mschallman

    Sorry it has taken me a while to respond here. I never received any notifications that anyone responded to my initial question.

    I get that adding a filter view would work here, but it doesn't look as eloquent as building slicers within the dashboard themselves. Yes, I can also use the radio button and force an initial selection, but it is possible for the user to then unselect that radio button and thus show all of both the USD AND CAD data... which defeats the dummy proof nature of what I am trying to do.

    Maybe I am missing something here. Any way I can walk this through live with someone?

  • mschallman

    To further illustrate my issue, see the screen shot below. I am using a default filter view (which I don't want to do) to force USD to start as selected. That works, but looks sloppy... I guess I can live with that. All that said, a user can now click on USD again and the card allows nothing to be selected instead of forcing either USD or CAD to be selected at all times;