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I have recently observed that there are changes made across Domo UI/UX. I welcome the changes but have observed that fellow Domo user getting confused due to sudden UI/UX change. I would suggest adding hints across the whole instance where the changes are made.

For example, in Analyzer the implementation of drag gesture has confused users as they are used to the “x” symbol to remove fields from the Column Fields. If a hint is provided in the form of pop up about the changes made when the user launches Analyzer will definitely make it easy.


Ankit Kalekar

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  • Ashleigh

    @Diacto_Ankit we call these Silent Updates and Domo likes to release them and confuse us all. We have a post about it here https://dojo.domo.com/main/discussion/55833/silent-updates#latest to get Domo to tell us about these so we can prepare our users!

    I think the idea of a hint would be super helpful in communicating these small changes to our users! Similarly how they do a "Hey What's New" pop up during regular releases.

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  • I really don't enjoy the drop down arrow moving every time you try to click on it now either:

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