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I would like to be assign colors to tiles: this would make troubleshooting and code reviews much easier. A stretch goal would be to add setting the color of tiles to the options when you select more than one tile in addition to Delete, Duplicate, and Copy To Clipboard.

Using this to visually indicate functional sections of large ETLs has a couple of beneficial use-cases:

* When reviewing large ETLs it will let you focus on the specific area under review;

* When you take over maintenance on an existing ETL it would help get you up to speed on how it works quickly.

Two more smaller use-cases: when troubleshooting large ETLs you could color code tiles based on whether you've validated them or not, and when building new, complex ETLs you could color code sections based on whether you've validated them or are currently working on them.

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  • I would also like this idea. I use different color lines between the tiles for organization but I would like to see the option to add this color to the tiles as well. The lines are sometimes difficult to track and they don't work well when trying to visually group tiles that perform a specific task. You have my vote!