Page filter add contains + allows "ORs"

When using a filter on card on a text field, you can use a contains "blah" as a condition. Great..

But then when you go to a Page filter, you can only select literal values (I know you can search and click "all" to get a similar result but it's not the same thing).

I would like to be able to do this in a page filter too..

Then save it as filter on whole Dashboard.

Also it would great to have the ability to do ORs for contains in that page filter too.. e.g.

  • Prog id contains 'webinar'
  • OR
  • Prog id contains 'event'
  • OR
  • Prog id contains 'London'
  • etc..

Thanks, Duncan

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  • While I could see this being useful, you may be able to achieve something similar by adding a "Category" column to the dataset in your ETL that you could use as a slicer. Granted, this depends on the number of categories you would want to search and whether these categories are mutually exclusive.

    when `Prog id` like '%webinar%' then 'Webinar'
    when `Prog id` like '%event%' then 'Event'
    when `Prog id` like '%London%' then 'London'
    else 'Other'
  • This request has been a known missing feature in Domo for years. It would be amazing to see headway on this.

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  • I believe this feature will be very helpful as "contains" and "ORs" are very practical ways to filter dashboards.

  • This post deserves a monthly bump until taken into development queue. Anytime my user base wants to do an OR filter I have to create it via beast mode so they can leverage as a page filter. Not an ideal solution and fully hardcoded so no flexibility. Page filtering where we can use the OR qualifier should be a priority for the product team. I love what Domo is doing with new advanced tools and new products but we've got to have this base functionality.