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Jessica Contributor
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We have two different types of users, some that understand the data and others that are read only and should not have any access to adjust page filters.

It would be helpful if there was a grant that controlled access to modify a page filter so that we could adjust our user roles to accommodate this feature.

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    seems like this feature exists:

    "If you have a "Participant" default security role, you cannot share filter views or set default filter views for the page, but you can add and save filter views for personal use. Participants can also select a filter shared with them, make changes to the filter and save it as a new filter view. The original shared filter view will not be affected. If you have an "Admin," "Privileged," or "Editor" default security role, you can create, share, and edit existing shared views, or set a shared filter view as the default. "

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  • Jessica
    Jessica Contributor

    Unfortunately no, what I said above

    "should NOT have ANY access to adjust page filters"

    You listed that participants can add and save filter views for personal use. Not the same thing as no access at all.

    Even for personal use, we can still have a user that misuses a metric if they don't understand the naming conventions. When you have upper level executives using your tool, you want to avoid any miscommunication about the data completely. Leaving this feature open even from a personal use perspective still presents a risk based on who their audience might be and what they may decide to filter.