New to the Ideas Exchange? READ THIS FIRST

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The Domo product team is excited to have one central location to house all product ideas. This way, you can come to the ideas exchange to upvote other's ideas, receive status updates, and post new ideas.

To ensure our product team can use your suggestions, we have a few guidelines, to ensure you get the most out of the Ideas Exchange:

  1. Search your product idea before you post a new one. It is likely your idea or something similar has already been posted. 
    1. If your idea has already been posted, UPVOTE it to increase the validity and voice for the product team.
    2. If a variation of your idea exists, UPVOTE the idea then comment with your added recommendations.
    3.  Finally, if your idea doesn’t exist, post your new idea.
  2. Please include images and detailed descriptions for your idea. The more context, the better the product team can understand your suggestion.
  3. Top-voted ideas are regularly reviewed by our product team. You can expect updates (via the comments) from product managers on top-voted ideas. 

Don't have an idea on how to improve Domo? Vote to tell us what you think of other people’s ideas. To help us even more, add your comments, with your detailed opinion on any idea.

Watch this video to see how the Ideas Exchange works:

Have any more questions about the ideas exchange? Comment below and we’ll answer them for you. 

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