Calculate rank so that the smaller number is higher rank

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I need to calculate the rank on a metric where the lower value is higher in rank, and the higher values are lower in rank. This is how I've been calculating standard rank (where higher values are high in rank)

SELECT `Metric`







WHEN @priorMetric = `MetricID` AND `VALUE` = @priorValue THEN @rank := @rank

  WHEN @priorMetric = `MetricID` THEN @rank := @rank + 1 

  else @rank := 1

  END AS Rank 

,@priorMetric := `MetricID` as MetricID  

,@priorValue := `VALUE`

FROM sort

JOIN(SELECT @rank := 0, @priorMetric:= '', @priorValue := 0) r 



  • How is your sort table defined? Can you just make sure you're sorting the values in ASC instead of DESC?

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