More Dataflow suggestion: When I "cancel" out of a data flow don't dump me back to the Dataflow page

Canioagain Contributor
edited December 2023 in Magic ETL Ideas

It doesn't always happen, but when it does, UGH. I hit cancel when in an ETL and then I go all the way back to the All Dataflows page. I don't want to go that far back. That's not even where I started.

It seems to depend on how I get to the ETL.

In this case I can be in the Overview page, click edit etl, once in the etl I click cancel, and it takes me back to the dataflow page instead of back to the Overview page.

It's confounding

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Great idea. I have experienced this annoyance too. I'll review with the team.


  • dataViking

    Does the same thing in SQL dataflows as well. Instead of taking me back to the overview of the dataflow I am working on, it just sends me to the entire list of dataflows when I cancel.

  • savannaho
    savannaho Domo Employee

    This usually happens when you click the Edit ETL from the output dataset of the dataflow. Rather than clicking Edit ETL from the dataset, I tend to click the three dots to View DataFlow first, then edit from that page. That way when I cancel out, it does not kick me back out to the dataflows list. Agreed though that the behavior would be nice to be the same either way!

  • AndreaLovesData
    AndreaLovesData Domo Employee

    This is a great idea. I have experienced this annoyance too. I'll review with the team.

    Domo Product Manager for Data Transformation (MagicETL)