Total Row on a tale card is giving incorrect values

Saketh Member
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The % you see in the final column is calculated as sum "column 6"/ sum "column 1". So in this case it should have been 14/17 but I get an incorrect answer. This is because the 17 you see is after the duplicates were removed( which is what I need to see) but to calculate the value in the last column it still considers the duplicates present in the first column.

Please let me know how to proceed. Thank you.

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  • Saketh

    Thank you for your prompt response @amehdad . So just to clarify the total row doesn't consider the beast mode formula but instead, just considers the same column and gives us the total avg percentage? i.e its adding bunch of %'s that precede the total row and gives me the final value instead of calculating column6/ column 1 like it did for every other row?

    If that is indeed right - then how come the value shown in the first column avoids the duplicates? shouldn't it simply show the final number by adding all the previous values ?

    Thank you for your help, much appreciated.

  • amehdad

    It does consider the beast mode calculations but beast modes are calculated on a row by row basis whereas you need the beast mode to calculate using the full sum values of column 1 and 6. Which is why some prep work is needed on your dataset to ensure your data coming into the card is totalled so that the grand total row appears as expected.