Alerts - When Dataset Fails X times in a row.

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We are all overwhelmed with email alerts on dataset failures, right?

How often do you open the dataset only to find that it was a single random failure, and has since run successfully?

I think it would help to have a setting where the dataset/dataflow failure alerts only trigger when there have been multiple consecutive failures.

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  • jstan
    jstan Contributor

    The thing I have done in the interim is put an alert on datasets that haven't updated in XX minutes and control the minutes on a google sheet by dataset ID. I usually target my production datasets and then can dig into root causes. It updates every 15 minutes. Then I can get a single alert for all datasets I want to track.

  • TheLookout
    TheLookout Contributor
    edited January 2022

    If you're using the DomoStats datasets, you could build a small dataflow to show you dataflows that have failed a specified amount of times since their last successful run.

    I built this real quick so I'd be willing to bet there are optimizations/changes that you could make. The two inputs are the Dataflows and Dataflows History from the DomoStats connector. For most everyone this connector can only run its reports once a day so be aware it could be up to a day behind your live domo data.

    Oh and just in case you've never done it before, you can just copy and paste that text document into a New ETL.

    I uploaded a different version of the text file with a typo corrected.